Youthopia 2018 came with a lot of surprises. The learning wasn’t just limited to our sessions or panel discussions. I learned from every conversation I had with these amazing people. I will miss you guys. Hope to meet you again someday!


Youthopia in Karachi 2018 was the start of a movement from and for the youth all over he world to empower each other and celebrate each other’s difference to create a sustainable impact in each community together. Shukrya Pakistan for being the most welcoming country I’ve ever been to with your overwhelming hospitality and kindness!


It was an honor for me tobe chosen as one of Youthopia 2018 delegate. I was super duperly happy and grateful for the moment I spent in Karachi, Pakistan. It was really memorable and enjoyable opportunity, such a beautiful experience, indeed!


It is in Youthopia that I got to have an in depth knowledge in SDGs and intercultural Peace from a world perspective. This platform further gave me an opportunity to brand my own culture, build friendships and appreciate other ways of lives from all over the world!


Aaron Langguth, Germany

Aaron Langguth, Germany

Youthopia was not only a once in a lifetime experience for me personally, Youthopia is a new platform for young social activists to connect, exchange and together ignite the change

Aslam, Singapore

Aslam, Singapore

Youthopia has been nothing but a life changing experience for me. I met people, learnt many things and most of all, danced a lot.

Johanna, Spain & Italy

Johanna, Spain & Italy

Youthopia as an experience was significant for my personal growth because it made me realize the possibility of a global platform driven by youth and based on understanding and solidarity.

Youthopia was a shining star of my 2018. One of the best events I have ever visited. Lead by new useful knowledge, full of new emotions, surrounded by the best people from all over the world, enjoyable and absolutely fantastic! I’ll recommend this forum to everyone who’s interested in the world of the whole world and SDGs goals. Thanks a lot Pakistan for such a nice experience!


I participated in youthopia international in 2018 and I was very excited to be part of this wonderful initiative. Since it was the first youth conference on SDGs which was held in Pakistan for raising the importance of this topic of concern. The best part was to get to know about enthusiastic activists as well as students from all around the globe who were gathered in Karachi for the better future. Each topic was selected on current issues and panelists had very interesting discussions.